Savage Father’s Day

So for my father in law on Father’s Day we all went to surprise him at the races on Saurday night in Blanchard!!! Matt & his dad were going racing but what he didn’t know is that the rest of us were loading up food and heading his way! I will say that we got lost for over an hour but eventually made it in time to watch the boys race!
Below is me and my 2 sister-in-laws, Jennifer and Colby!

I thought Matt looked pretty cute….but if you look close his face is covered in dirt!!! This racing gear is his “retro gear”, kinda neat because it is MS Racing……and we call it Matt Savage racing!

Ok, so my mother in law made sloppy joes (one of my favorites she makes) and look how funny…..we a crockpot plugged into her Maxima! haha, and the trunk was filled with food ….like a street cart!

This is about 10:30 when we were trying to get the guys to hustle and go home….he is so tough! ha

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there!!!!

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