Rated R

Ok, I must say that last night was pretty amusing………..Thank you Justin “Rated R”!!!! I loved when he was running away while trying to allude Ali how he was like jumping shrubs to “escape”, it was hysterical!! And Good luck Justin, Jessica who is waiting for you back home is yucky too!!! It is always the good looking guys who are total losers!

But…….Lookey what I found……. none other than Justin hooking up with SNOOKI!!! Gross, he is truly desperate for fame………… They are a match made in trashy heaven!

So who do I like?? Chris…….yes, Chris the landscaper who can’t even be bothered enough to wear a tie or dress shoes but I like him! This picture below is not great but he is cute and nice. Do I think Ali picks him? No, I think it is either Rrrrroberto (insert me with a Spanish accent) or she chooses no one! You want the scoop? Check out http://www.realitysteve.com/ he is the bees knees!

Ok Jakey and Vienna Sausage……………………… the war of words have already started!!! She says Jake is a famewhore who only touched her when cameras were rolling and he says he is a loser who sleeps until 10:30 with no ambition! HA, they both win. They actually do deserve each other!

So that was my brief piece on the world of reality!!! Don’t EVEN GET ME started on the “Housewives”!!!!

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  1. Elisha
    June 30, 2010 / 5:55 pm

    I was totally cracking up by myself watching Bachelorette this week! I kind of expected it though. I heard a humor before the show started airing that she doesn't end up with anyone. Do you watch Housewives of New Jersey?! LOVE!

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