die Familie

So tonight was a rare treat…………..meeting relatives for the FIRST time and not just any relatives…..but my German ones!!! LONG story short my grandpa went to war, was stationed in Germany and brought home a beautiful German wife, Hannelore…my Oma! And tonight I got to meet my Great Aunt Ilsa who is my Oma’s sister, they are visiting the states for a week!! You won’t believe that this is the first time they have seen one another in 22 years……..

I can not get over how much they look alike and something I really loved was how my Oma came alive!! She was beaming tonight and if you have never heard a room full of people speaking German while laughing at the top of their lungs than you are missing out. And yes, Ilsa and Herbert do not speak English so I did alot of smiling and nodding! Also yes, my mom is fluent….a little rusty but great!! I worry Oma will be very devastated come Tuesday when they go back to Germany….

sometimes you don’t realize how much you miss something until you have it back.

My sister and cousin Brittany are missing from this picture but here are the ladies of the family…………….

Herbert joined this picture for this one…..Herbert, Mom, Ilsa, Oma, Aunt Heidi and Granddad!

Tonight was so neat……Ilsa even brought me the most beautiful necklace from Germany she told me her daughter Honey helped pick it out. I was so thankful and excited. Tonight made me smile, be happy and be sad all at the same time. Sad that I don’t get the chance to know these people who seem so wonderful and sad for my Oma……seeing her and her sister together was magical to me. Almost brought a little tear to my eye!  I hope Ilsa and Herbert have a safe flight home Monday and it was so NICE to meet you both.

Geut Nacht

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  1. Thompson 5
    May 24, 2010 / 2:10 pm

    Great post!! That's something you don't get to experience too often…maybe you can visit them next time in Germany!! Woohoo!!

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