I’m Pooped

Since I start my new job next week I wanted to fill my last days of freedom with some things that need to be done and then some fun!! I decided I wanted to go to the Zoo so I invited my good friend Susan and her little girl Riley to go with!!! We started our day bright and early to beat the crowd….
I love Otters, they are so adorable I could picture myself holding one!

Me & Riley in the new Children’s Zoo playing around …..

Riley is a Big girl now and loves to walk on her own…..she is a trooper because I am pooped

The first thing we saw were the Lions and the Lionesses in the bottom corner!! All the animals were out basking in the sun on this beautiful day!

These Merkats were so funny………….

Oh gosh……..while we were there these two decided to wrestle it was so funny and cute!

A stunning Cougar!

I had a wonderful morning and now I may go and lay on the couch….we have a busy weekend ahead! BIG THANKS to Susan & Riley for being the BEST zoo buddies!

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