Day ONE!

Hi guys……………..I just got home from JH and it was election night and I accepted my same position for another year…Community Outreach Chair for the board! I will once again be in charge of our Grant process, plan our monthly service drives, plan & execute our monthly volunteering and work with our grant recepient. SO yay!

Today was my first day at my new job and it was ok. The good is my great friend Becky got to train me this afternoon for about 3 hours!!! What a treat and the bad? Well my exact office is the new south office and will not be “built out” for another month so until then I am in “limbo” and I will spend my time here and there while trying to catch on. I am hands on and like my own space so I can get into my own routine so this transistion will be a tad hard/ something to get use to!

Last night’s cooking class….I did go solo but it was a great time and I have tons of pics…I will try to catch you guys up later!
Have a great Friday!

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