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Ok so yesterday  I was aimlessly watching Oprah’s Earth Day special and what I didn’t know was how  this episode would effect me…………that it would reach down into my soul and urge me to write this and urge me to do something. So please bear with me as I try to write a post that will hopefully urge you to do the same.
The Cove
Here is the “Jest”
Taiji Town, Ground Zero for the World’s Largest Dolphin Slaughter
Taiji is a small fishing village located on the southern part of the Japanese archipelago at the tip of the peninsula that extends into the Pacific Ocean.
This is where the practice of driving dolphins into shallow water and slaughtering them began. Sanctioned by the Japanese government, thousands of dolphins and others small whales are killed every year.
To learn more about this slaughter click HERE.

Here is the trailer for this documentary……………….

Ok, now that you know what this about I will tell you how this effected me…………..
I hope you know that Dolphins are the second smartest mammal on the ENTIRE planet behind chimps! They have their own language, the mothers stay with and teach their young for 3 years, they are skilled hunters, they solve problems and they feel human emotions as well as showing empathy for others. So when did I become a activist? I am not but after watching the clip of the “Dolphin Slaughter” on Oprah you would have to be dead to not let it affect you. When Oprah played the clip she even gave a warning of the graphic nature……….how it affected me was a shock………I literally burst into tears, without even thinking I was in hysterics it was as if a loved one had been killed. I was surprised at myself but something deep inside me was shook. No living thing should be trapped and then brutally killed one by one as there family watched. What has stuck with me was the sound of the dolphins screaming, screaming for themselves and for their families. The sound was very human and it is something that will take some time for me to move past………it was horrifying, I can not put it into words. The picture below is not doctored, this is what “The Cove” looks like after the slaughter and yes that is blood.

What can you do?? You can start by signing this petition right HERE. You do have to sign up for an account while doing this but the entire process took me 3minutes, so I beg of you to do the same. It was said on Oprah yesterday that they are close to a million signatures and when they have them the hope is that the Japan government as well as our own may take note. This just really really hit me hard no living creature should be treated this way and I urge you to watch the documentary and to pass the petition on to friends and family. Watch this PSA……….

Please pass this on, I know this was not the most “well written” or the “most informative” thing you could of read but this came from my heart. I have a passion for animals and this is a call to arms.


  1. Jinx1313
    April 23, 2010 / 9:01 pm

    As someone who has been supporting the movement of and The OPS for a year now and is planing to go to Taiji for the start of the 2010 slaughter – I am thrilled that seeing the people behind The Cove on Oprah had an impact on you. After the Oscar win, hundreds of us emailed Oprah (and Ellen's show) suggesting that Ric and Louis be guests. It's so heartwarming to know that having done so has reached thousands of her compassionate viewers and will hopefully be an integral part of gaining new supporters. Thank you for speaking up and for encouraging others to take part in this very important campaign.

  2. Lady Bahrenburg
    April 27, 2010 / 12:59 am

    Nicole, I finally gathered up the courage to watch the trailer and the PSA for this. I was afraid that it would be hard to watch and that I would cry. I was correct about both things, but I am glad that I watched it because I actually feel like I have the courage to watch the whole documentary now. I signed the petition and will encourage others to do the same. On your previous blog you said we are such great friends because we love all things culinary, but you forgot something…we also have a passion and love for animals. 🙂

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