Cooking Class

SO the cooking class was amazing!!! It was French cooking and a 5 course meal….the Chef was the head chef for the OKC Museum Cafe and also the head pastry chef came along!!! To check out the Cafe click HERE!
The class was at the International Pantry in Norman, Ok to visit their site click HERE!
The store is like a Williams-Sonoma times a 100…..well for me at least!!! And in the back of the store they have a full kitchen and tables where they hold the cooking classes!!!! We started our meal with Mussels in a White wine & butter sauce served with fresh rolls…it was to die for! And you can see the pictures below but here is the menu….
1. Mussels
2. Salmon Tar Tar (?spelling) with a citrus sauce
3. Anchovy and roasted red pepper salad with pesto dressing!
4. Duck Confit served with asparagus and mash!
5. Puff Pastry filled with rose water cream!!! YUMM!!!!

When I signed up for the class all 15 classes sold out in 10minutes so you have to jump on them…..and I will for sure do this again! Well worth it!

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  1. Becky
    April 18, 2010 / 12:17 am

    That is all too fancy for me. I probably would've only eaten the dessert.

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