Remember Me

So on Monday night I got to have a bit of a Girls Night Out and it felt extra special since it was a Monday but a Friday. I went to dinner with my girlfriends Becky & Jeana and then to see Remember Me with Rob Pattinson. Jeana is getting married this summer you can see her wedding blog HERE and so we chatted about wedding details, work and family.

Take a look at the movie trailer ……….

This movie is very “heavy” and filled with emotion so if you think you are going to see a romance with Edward from Twilight think again. This movie made me think and even thought it was sad I enjoyed it, I felt this movie was different from the norm. Of course Rob is very charming and his co-star was a great match for him, lucky girl. I would recommend this movie and if you do see it shoot me a message I want to hear your thoughts on the ending.

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