HUGE regret!

So this time last year Matt & I were planning our trip to Monterey, CA with Farmers….Matt won the trip for being in the TOP %10 of agents in the country. You know it is so great to have something to look forward to like that. But this year there will be no trip for us, Matt’s new position does not allow vacation time for at least a year or more while he is “training”. But anyways back to the trip last year….
We had a extra day in Cali and decided to head up to San Fran and this day trip is one of my biggest regrets of last year! Why you ask? Well we went the week of 4th of July and did not think to plan ahead and book tickets to Alcatraz. Tours were sold out the entire week we were there! What brought this up? Well Ghost Hunters did Alcatraz last night and I could just kick myself over the fact that I missed out on touring the prison!
I mean we all know how much I love “Haunted Places” and history and I know you think this is silly but it still bothers me that I was so close but so far away! ha

Anyways last nights episode was wonderful and I made Matt promise me that we will go back if not just to tour Alcatraz! Do any of you have summer trips planned already?

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  1. Becky
    March 4, 2010 / 4:03 pm

    That regret is exactly how I feel about Estes Park.

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