Girl Talk

Ok, so this past Saturday we finally had Girl Talk which is one of the big things I am in charge of along with the grant process as Community Outreach Chair. This was originally scheduled for Jan but got postponed due to weather. Girl Talk is for Emerson HS which is an alternative school where the girls are young mothers. To come to this event they have to excel during the first semester and then get invited. So what we do is come in after they have a slumber party and spend 5 fun filled hours with the girls so they have a chance to feel like a kid again without their own kids. This is the group shot after the dance, this picture is a tradition in the making……..”Jazz Hands”
After breakfast and an ice breaker this was the second year I lead the girls as well as my own JH ladies who I make participate in a fun dance to wake everyone up! Everyone loves a little Black Eyed Peas in the morning!

One thing I love about JH is all the members bring their own special talents to the group and after the dance Becky (you can see her blog here) lead the girls in making an amazing craft….a decorated tin that holds paper, a pen and much more.

Here are the girls and Becky showing off their project! Thanks again Becky!!!

After crafts I arranged for another member Lacey who is a nutritionist to do a “Fun healthy snack” she gave out recipe cards and we all got to make our own Parfaits!! Then we rounded out the day (before grubbing on pizza) with the other Becky who lead everyone in a fun game. We played catch phrase and when we had a winner Becky gave the girl some jewerly to match the shirts I had made for the event.

This event requires alot of volunteers, time, organization and donations but when I was driving home I was so elated I actually felt selfish because I think I may of had more fun at this event than everyone else. It is always nice to see something you headed up come to life. Thank you to all my friends who helped me out! If you live in OKC I would LOVE for you to join JH this fall and you can bring your talents to the table…..we have so much fun while helping others. If you want to join send me a message and I will contact you!

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  1. Becky
    March 10, 2010 / 7:51 pm

    This was definitely the MOST fun I have had so far. I am so glad I joined JH.

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