First I want you to read a “jest” from the NY Times Review…….
Through the door opened by The DaVinci Code comes Trussoni’s entry in the hugger-mugger religious-society suspense subgenre, its textured prose as seamless as the never-ending stream of prayers offered up by St. Rose Convent’s Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. In that institution, celebrated for its angelic texts, lives Sister Evangeline, who prays, tends to library matters, and has become “a creature of obedience and duty” since her father brought her there when she was 12, two years after her mother’s death. The scholar Verlaine seeks concrete evidence linking the convent to Abigail Rockefeller, and before you can say, “I found this letter,” the multilayered process of Evangeline’s transformation has begun. The story takes flight in eminently readable fashion, effortlessly folding in technical information about things angelic and the religious life. It’s hard not to enjoy the secrets unearthed and appreciate what wings are to the angels who secretly walk among us—“a symbol of their blood, their breeding, . . . their position in the community. Displaying them properly brought power and prestige.” Powerfully entertaining.

I spoke briefly about this book last week and in case you missed it click HERE to see the author’s video so you are caught up. This book was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! She ended this book with so many possibilities for a second and I pray she does. This was filled with history, art, the Bible, suspense and it was RIGHT up my alley! I hope hope hope you read this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do PLEASE comment me so I know your thoughts!

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