Positive Tomorrows

Last Friday myself and some of my JH gals volunteered at Positive Tomorrows, a school for homeless children.Being the Community Outreach Chair picking the monthly volunteer place is hard but after learning about this school and everything they do this month was a no-brainer! We threw them a Valentine’s Party and for some this will be the only party they have had or potentially will have for who knows how long. These children were beyond excited and the joy on their faces was contagious! We did a “Decorate your own Cookie” party and when I came up with that idea I didn’t realize how messy this would be!! Ha, messy but rewarding! I also made up fun little goodie bags for everyone to take home!! Below are pictures of the event and something that was even sadder was a child who has a special name tag because he can not be photographed….this was because his mother and him are in hiding due to domestic violence! If you want to learn more about this school or find ways you can help please click HERE!

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