Little bit of this and that

I will start with a little update……..Food Inc was a good documentary (yes, I finally watched it) I enjoyed it and was glad to see that the images/clips were not as “shocking” as I feared they would be. I thought it was so informative and did get a little repetitive at times but you should watch this if you care where your food is coming from. It is crazy how commercial everything has become including how our food is made. I also read Food Rules and thought it was super short and good….but to be honest if you go to a book store and skim it at the store you will get the jest! Now on to 2 books I just finished……………..
This James Patterson was about a brother & sister who realize they are in fact a witch and a wizard they then find themselves on the run from a crazy corrupt government, the twists include other dimensons and magic. This was a very short quick read and I really enjoyed it. I think this book was geared towards teens or at least that is how it is written, I could also see this as a movie and side note…..there will be a book 2!
The Memory Keepers Daughter was about how a secret can impact a family, the person who keeps it and the people who don’t even know it is being kept. This was very tragic and at times sad to read how this family is torn apart by the distance this secret keeps between them. I liked this book and I have since found out this is a Lifetime movie and several friends of mine have watched it and loved it. I recommend this book, let me know if you read it!

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