Am I the only one?

Ok disclaimer……..YES, I do watch every week and I always get sucked into this show…..BUT, am I the only one who thinks Jake is a real loser? I mean I know he is “Mr. Nice Guy” but here are some facts to support my opinion…
1. WHY why why must he run to each girl on every date and pick her up and hold her like a child? It bugs!
2. He dresses straight out of the 80s with mock turtle necks, shirts tucked into his jeans and then colored tees under a blazer. GAG ME
3. And the BIG one is he will pick “Vienna Sausage”
4. He is super short….I read he is barely 5’10″…..just look he is the same size as all the girls
5. He is a BACK UP pilot and his main business is owning a limo company.

I know, I know HARSH….but I think I am the only person in America who is not in love with Jake. UGG, he bugs


  1. Becky
    February 23, 2010 / 5:58 pm

    You are cracking me up!

  2. The Foster's
    February 23, 2010 / 10:37 pm

    Girl, I agree! I also call her Vienna Sausage!! Ha Ha!!

  3. Lidiya Lastur
    February 24, 2010 / 3:48 pm

    I agree. At the beginning I liked Jake because he seemed like a really nice guy, but now-nope. One reason, He is keeping Vienna there! another one : i heard he won't pick anyone at the end and I agree with the "dressing" thing. I am dissapointed, and I hate it that I watch this show.

  4. The Frasiers
    February 24, 2010 / 11:20 pm

    i think he is a big dork too!

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