You can’t win them all…..

So the other night I decided to make breakfast for dinner, I was having a HUGE cinnamon roll craving…anyone else have these or just me? So without reading the recipe all the way thru I commited to the Pioneer Woman’s Maple Cinnamon rolls! Well I quickly realize it says this recipe will make 40-50, I mean I love cinnamon rolls and all but wow! So I decide that I will use some math and divide all the measurements in half (mistake #2)…. So I begin at 5pm because I got off work early, I have never worked with yeast before but how hard can it be???rriigght
SO I then realize that the dough has to rest for an HOUR and once you form the rolls another 30minutes! I make the BIGGEST mess and I know my dough was not right but decided to follow thru………….look at these have you seen anything more pathetic? This picture is being nice!

So they cook for 25minutes and at 8pm 3 HOURS later I make mistake #who knows by now…I answer the phone to chat with my friend Jennifer about our NYE plans when I realize after 3 hours of work I have overcooked the rolls!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to scream and I was like a crack addict I needed my cinnamon roll fix so we forged thru…………

Hahaha….look at these next to my breakfast bake!!! I bet you are wondering if they were good? Well NO!!!!!!!!!! They were hard hockey pucks that tasted like flour balls covered in icing! We could not even finish the ones on our plates!!!

SO I learned 2 things…………..

1. Read the directions all the way thru before committing

2. I am NO baker but I am decent cook!

Wow, all this talk has me craving a cinnamon roll! HA, I guess that is how those extra 10 pounds snuck up on me! To see what these rolls are suppose to look like click HERE


  1. Becky
    January 4, 2010 / 10:37 pm

    Oh no! We have major cinnamon cravings in this house too! Have you ever had cinnamon ice cream at Marble Slab?? Yum, yum!

  2. AlliG
    January 4, 2010 / 11:48 pm

    Who freaking needs 50 cinnamon rolls??? An army? The Gosselins? Seriously!

  3. Caroline
    January 5, 2010 / 12:52 am

    That's frustrating! Last night I had the biggest chocolate craving so I made Alton Brown's Fudge Cake – but by the time it was out of the oven and cooling I was too tired to enjoy it :)I gave away 2 9×9 pans filled with pumpkin cinnamon rolls as Christmas presents to my parents and my psuedo-mother-in-law. They smelled great and were really easy – we never got to try them but all the parents loved them. If the mood ever strikes you again, here's the recipe I used:

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