Weekend Wrap up- Updated!

Hi guys! I wrote this post this morning and ust uploaded Saturday’s pictures……… so
Matt freezing and mad I am making him pose for a picture!!
Me, excited dinner was yummy but ready to go home to pass out in a food coma!

Is anyone else sad today?? Sad that the Holidays are over! Sad that my next day off is Memorial Day! Sad that I had to take all my Christmas stuff down and sad that Matt is officially not working in my building anymore! I always get a little bummed this time of year Jan-April! Ha, that is a long time!!
Did you all have a nice Holiday weekend? We did…we did alot of cleaning around the house but we were also able to squeeze in time on the couch which made for a relaxing weekend!! We saw two movies one bad …one great! On NYE we went with our good friends Jenn & Chris to see Sherlock Holmes and both Matt and I thought it was super boring, no joke. I did not think it was funny or clever and at times I could not even understand what Sherlock was saying with this mumbling he did! So for me this is a mega renter!!!!!
We tried to redeem ourselves on Saturday and boy did we ever…..It’s Complicated is soo funny! This movie was clever, cute and funny! Merly Streep and Alec Baldwin make the perfect couple and it is so nice to see a Romantic comedy with a couple older than 25!!

So Saturday I surprised Matt with a nice dinner out, we went to Red Prime Steakhouse downtown and it was an overall nice experience. I heard good reviews and bad reviews about this place but ultimately I wanted something we have not had before so we took a chance! The food was great they had a modern twist on steakhouse classics but it was the service that almost ruined this. If we were not having so much fun together we would of been pissed. I worked 4 years in a fine dining steakhouse and this girl was AWFUL, don’t even get me started! I still gave her well over %20 tip but I included a little note about her poor service on the credit card slip so her manager would see. DO I do that often? YES! I always write good or bad comments on the CC slip but ALWAYS tip %20 or more! But tipping is another post all together!

Happy new year friends! And BOO to this Monday back to work!


  1. Becky
    January 4, 2010 / 6:56 pm

    I can't wait to see It's Complicated. I'm glad you thought it was funny! That means I will probably like it too.

  2. Caroline
    January 5, 2010 / 12:57 am

    After 5 years in the service industry, I too am super peeved by poor customer service – Especially[!] in a fine dining environment – afterall, part of what you're paying for is the experience. So clever to leave the note on the CC slip! I usually just blacklist the restaurant after we leave without saying anything, but that doesn't really change the problem. Happy New Years!

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