Tuesday Ramblings

So yesterday was Matt’s first day with his new position and he already had a interview with a potential new agent! Kudos to Matt!! Last night he did not get home from work until 9:30….keep in mind he went to work at 8am!!! Right now it feels “temporary” not like this is how the next 12 months will be. This will take some getting use to…and you will also be affected, there may be less food posts since I will be making dinner for 1! This is what Matt’s old office looks like in my building…..he got all new stuff for his new office and this empty shell of a office kinda makes me sad. Change is hard but good.
Ok remember my resolutions about being healthy and working out? Well I have made some baby steps towards those goals….first off, I have been researching “Boot Camp” style training sessions I have a couple of friends who do that. If you live in OKC and want to join me, message me! So that puts me one step closer to actually working out! Second, so at my desk I had a secret stash of Pepperidge Farms cookies and I took them to the break room yesterday and told the guys at work to please eat them before I do! haha, you know you all have cookies stashed at your desk! No?

Ok, The Bachelor…………………….Yes, even though this show bugs I will get sucked in. It seems that this year they already gave up on finding girls with actual jobs? Over half the girls were “Models” “Fit Models” or “personalities”…what does that even mean??? I was so embarrassed watching these crazies introduce themselves to “Jake the Pilot”…my favorite line was ” you can land on my landing strip anytime” and she was for real! Now I will say the super cute girl from Norman, Ok who got cut last night I liked and we have some odd 6 degrees of separation because she danced for the Thunder last year with alot of my girlfriends…but she seemed normal so of course she got booted! Anyways, I hope Jake can find a personality and quick!Toodles!

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  1. No Longer Newlyweds.
    January 5, 2010 / 4:33 pm

    We watched The Bachelor last night and immediately wondered if you knew that dancer girl. I agree…she was too normal for the show. I have early favorites…Tinley (the girl who got the impression rose) and the Nanny in red. Porter loves the swimsuit model with all that dark brown hair. Yuck.

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