Let’s Talk JH…

So in this is my 3rd year in Junior Hospitality Club and among other things this year I serve on the Board of Directors as the Community Outreach Chair. I have spoken briefly about this before but a quick over view of my position is that I am in charge of planning our monthly service drives as well as service hours, I am the contact for our grant recipients and I head up our grant application process. January is always a big month for whom ever holds this position because we do a big event called “Girl Talk”. This year I am calling it a “Girls Just Want to have Fun Slumber Party” this is always for girls at the alternative high school Emerson. These girls usually come from poor homes and they go to this school because they are pregnant or already have a child. To earn a spot at our event they have to make good grades the first semester and are then asked to attend! We do breakfast, classes, games, fitness and this year my friend Becky is holding a craft class! To see her super fun project click HERE.
I also have the members donate items for these amazing “Swag Bags” I have put together so each girl gets something great to take home with them. This year they are even getting vouchers to attend a Yard Dawg Arena Football game!!

I will have more pictures on Monday of this super exciting event, so please keep your fingers crossed the weather holds, I have been planning this since lats summer! ha

Ok, another thing I wanted to share with you all is something I am excited about. While I was sending out this years Grant applications I spoke with the CEO of the City Rescue Mission and they were excited about what JH is doing for the community and thankful for the chance to receive our 2011 grant. Well when they mailed in their application they also included a invitation addressed to me….to attend and the Hearts of Hope Tea and Fundraising Luncheon. They not only asked me to attend but they asked me to be a hostess which means as a representative for JH I will be acknowledged at the event . The Luncheon will be held the National Cowboy Musuem and I get a full table to fill with 7 friends from JH. I am also invited to a Hostess only luncheon next week at the Oklahoma Golf and Country Club where I will share about JH and learn what my role as hostess entails! What an honor! I am so excited to be able to share in something so big and special! I will keep you updated on this event!

Here is a video about Heart of Hope and the Okc City Rescue Mission….

Hearts of Hope 2009 from City Rescue Mission on Vimeo.

I wonder if they are expecting someone older? Now I need to find two “Luncheon/Tea” outfits!!

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