Ice Storm 2010

SO since yesterday at about 8am Oklahoma has been getting hit with freezing rain, sleet and now finally some beautiful snow!! It is suppose to snow most of the day today and almost every school district is closed as well as most large companies! This is what my huge tree in my front yard looks like, every branch and leaf is in a snow globe, I am just thankful it has not split in two like many other trees already have.
This is my view as I am on the computer this morning, you can’t really see it but the snow is falling and I have to admit it is very peaceful. But behind me the dogs are having a wrestling match, they are little antsy!

Matt decided to go into work today because he said today will be a perfect day to call on resume’s and set up interviews with most people being at home today. Setting up interviews and hiring new agents is a huge chunk of what his new position entails.

As for me, I think me and the boys (dogs) are going to get cozy and catch up on our TV shows! I hope everyone is safe, warm and dry!! And oh ya, my event with JH “Girl Talk” got postponed so that is a bit disappointing but understandable!

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  1. Becky
    January 29, 2010 / 5:20 pm

    Stay warm and comfy!

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