By now unless you live under a rock then you have heard about the Earthquake and Massive destruction in Haiti. Over 100,000 are presumed dead and thousands more are still trapped as I am writing this. I was thinking about this alot today as many people I know and you probably know have traveled to Haiti on mission trips to spread the word of God! And as we all sit at our desks or at home on our couch we need to pray that God will be with the rescue workers and that God was in the hearts of those who perished.

Geologists say this earthquake was “The Big One”…the last one causing this much destruction was over 200 years ago. A writer and journalist whom I have deep respect for wrote this today on his website….
Nicholas D. Kristof; “After 9/11, the French newspaper Le Monde declared: We Are All Americans. And after yesterday’s earthquake: Today, we are all Haitians. No country seems to have had worse luck with misrule, environmental mismanagement, natural disasters and poor governance than Haiti. Haitians are a lovely people who deserve far better.”

If anyone you know is looking for a place to donate you can visit the American Red Cross Haiti donation site by clicking Here!

I was also reading about how Haiti was already a country on the “edge” in so many ways, people fear that they may never recover from a devastation like this. We are really lucky………my thoughts and prayers go out to all those who are effected by this event!

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