Unless you live under a rock…

or unless you do not live in Oklahoma then you may not know about our “White Christmas”!! It was a record 14 inches of snow in the form of a blizzard, so bad that they closed all highways in Oklahoma on Christmas Eve and we were unable to celebrate with Matt’s family!!!! Lucky for Matt and I we were stocked up on movies!!! (ps….Public Enemies is kinda boring)
I worked Christmas Eve and by the time we were going home alittle after noon it was already so bad that the visibility was barely 1 car in front, in fact I cried the entire way home (all 1 hour of a 10min drive) and at one point I could not stop, I was fishtailing thru a red light and I cried, prayed and laid on the horn as by the grace of God no one hit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When Matt & I got home that day what we found was that it was snowing in our kitchen! HA, no joke….our back door and frame is old and the extremely high wind gusts knocked out our poor cocking not to mention the extreme cold made the door freeze… so we had to “jimmy rig” the seal using this towel!! Only us!

This was the beautiful sight we woke up to on Christmas Morning!!! I love it when the snow is pure white and untouched! And our dogs LOVE the snow!!

Matt had to start digging our way out so we could go to his parents to celebrate our Eve ctivities on Christmas day. My family canceled our Christmas day activites because they shut down our airport and my brother was stuck in Denver!

Funny story Matt & I “tested” the roads and when we came back to the house I jumped in the shower and Matt came in and said ” so my truck has slid down the driveway and is in the middle of the street, I am going to deal with that” haha! Thank goodness this didn’t happen over night!

I was supervising Matt and his incredible snow shoveling work!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it usually takes us 30min to get to his parents house in Edmond but on Christmas Day it took over 1 hour and 1/2!!! And we saw over 40 abandoned cars and freight trucks on the drive! When we finally made it we had a GREAT time with his family and truly enjoyed the day!

This past Saturday the 26th we were finally able to celebrate with my family……

It was also my cousin Brittany’s 20th Birthday!!! Here are the cousins….Me, Brittany, Marissa and my brother Curtis! And thanks Curtis for mentioning how you noticed I have gained weight that was real swell of you!

There will be a couple of posts today…..just catching everyone up!!! Happy Monday!haha


  1. Jeremy and Allison Hess
    December 28, 2009 / 4:03 pm

    Love your hair in the last picture! So long & shinny!!

  2. Becky
    December 29, 2009 / 10:48 pm

    Tell your brother to hush…you haven't gained weight!!

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