Music to my ears?

SO 3rd post today, I know I know!!
Ok, Blogger friends….. I thought this was a fluke at first but after 2 weeks something is up! All of you fellow bloggers who have the music player on your blog I can not visit anymore….so get this>>>
Every single time I visit a ‘blogger’ page with a playlist what happens is your page automatically pops up over and over and over and then shuts my computer down. I have tried viewing these pages on several different computers but the same thing each time. SO weird!
Am I the only person who this happens to?? It sucks because I love the blogs that I can not longer view anymore, but I am worried about the damage this is doing or what could happen. Very odd! Anyone?

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  1. The Foster's
    December 18, 2009 / 3:50 pm

    Hi Nicole, just a question, does it possibly happen when you hop over to our blog? Let me know, I think that ours is but who knows. Just let me know, Thanks!!

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