Little House lots of Love

So this weekend was a mega busy but very fun filled weekend! Friday night Matt & I went over to our good friends Mike & Allison’s for pizza, cookies and Taboo!!! It was a fun relaxing night, then Saturday night we watched Avatar while we had dinner at the Moore Warren Balcony which you already know my thoughts on if you read my prior post!! Then Sunday was packed…..we cleaned, re-arranged and cooked all day!!! We hosted my family for my mothers 50th Birthday party!!!!! I live in the little house that could……and it did!
Here my mom is loving her big gift from Matt, me and our animals…a Le Crueset Apple colored stock pot!!!
Abner is a equal opportunity lover… he is snagging some down time with Marissa and Garrett!

This is just everyone in our living room doing presents and chit chatting!!!! I think everyone had a wonderful time and all our mega hard work really paid off!

My Granddad comes and visits our animals daily, we are so lucky…and I am sure you can tell in this picture below just how much they love him back!!! The weenies could not get enough granddad time!!

Since I do not have a dining room just a table in our kitchen we had to drag out our folding table and chairs for this occasion!!! To try and make it a bit nicer we got a poinsettia and a holiday tablecloth….this was Matt, me, Marissa and Garrett’s table…yup, the kid table smack dab in between the Christmas tree, TV and Fireplace!! ha

Now my parents and grandparents got to sit at the real table and use the Christmas China I have!

Ok, I apologize I only took a few pictures of the meal because I was soo busy but if you do not mind I am going to brag on myself for just a minute… I carefully planned this meal with the help of recipes from fellow blogger and friend Christen Foster and then the Pioneer Woman!! But man oh man I really out did myself, this was sooo good that I would of been happy to pay big bucks for this exact meal at a 5 star restaurant! I am not joking and I am not trying to be boastful but after hours of cooking my hard work was well worth it!!!!!!
We had……………
Mushroom, spinach and Parmesan stuffed pork tenderloin with a homemade pan gravy!!!

Then homemade roasted garlic mash potatoes & Whiskey brown sugar carrots!!! Plus a little Crusty french bread to go along with!!

Then for dessert I made Homemade mulled Apple Cider with cinnamon sticks and then the most delectable cake……..Tres Leche which means “Three Milks” cake! I must say this cake took over 2 1/2 hours of prep work, baking and assembly…one of the more advanced desserts I have made but SOO GOOD! The entire cake was eaten last night!!! You top the homemade whipped cream with chopped cherries in vanilla!

After everyone left around 8pm Matt, the animals and myself collapsed onto the couch!!! Today I am dragging……but it is a wonderful feeling making a meal everyone loves and bringing everyone together!


  1. The Foster's
    December 21, 2009 / 11:07 pm

    Everything looks wonderful!! I am also hosting our family Christmas at our home and can only hope it turns out half this good, they will be enjoying homemade apple cider from the sweet people at Musslemans!! Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. Jeremy and Allison Hess
    December 22, 2009 / 4:12 pm

    Your such a sweet daughter! Looks like your mom had a good time! Happy 50th!

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