SO nice to meet you….

EXCITING News……So long long story I have made a wonderful friend thru this “Blogging world” named Sara and she even now sells Scentsy, we email ALL the time and have so much in common it is weird. Well Sara’s husband Porter actually has friends who live in Edmond so they were here last weekend and we got to meet… like a blind date!! And I am happy to say she is not a creepy 60 year old man, hahah! When we met it was just as if we have known each other for years and Porter was so nice and funny I felt right at home with them and their friends. Can you believe this little bitty skinny is Pregnant? I can’t…but she is. They live in Vegas and Sara is a ultra smart Scientist working on Cancer research! To learn more about Sara click on the picture below….
Sooo nice to meet you guys!!!

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  1. No Longer Newlyweds.
    November 2, 2009 / 7:31 pm

    You are TOO sweet. I posted about you too. We'll have to catch up again soon…ya'll can come out to Vegas!?!?!?!

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