Playing catch up… (Updated)

So I am trying to catch up on blogging today so bear with me I am working on a Migraine and I have one of the busiest weeks of the year to catch you all up to speed on! ha…..Last Tuesday the 27th was our 2nd Wedding Anniversary and we went to eat at the Melting Pot which has become a tradition for us. The week we got married we were fretting over last minute details, dealing with family, friends and needed to get away from it all so we went to the Melting Pot hence 2 years later keeping the tradition alive! We always have a wonderful time and I know alot of people I talk to do not like the whole fondue concept but I think it is so fun!
This is the CUTE Halloween inspired set up Matt gave me for our 2 year, I loved the Halloween silly glasses and the orange roses remind me of his proposal…it was a HUGE elaborate Halloween proposal that included orange roses! Those “spider toasting flutes” are actually from his proposal!!Matt is very creative and thoughtful~ Love you!

Last week was my little sisters Sr Night at the Westmoore Football game…. she is Sr class Prez so she not only was honored but planned the night! Before the game we enjoyed a Chick Fil A catered tail gate which was so fun before we went outside to FREEZE to death!

This is little Marissa and I!

Right after my mom, dad and Marissa was honored on the field…. oh the memories!! “Stand up, heads back shout loud and clear…silver, red, black show we are here FOREVER….tough and strong united are we…..stand up stand up victory is ours stand up for Westmore HIGH” lol! GO JAGS

Ok alot more heading your way after I get it together………


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