Lunch & Dinner

First up friends is my “Brown Bag” lunch of the week…..
You will need….
1 Bag Spinach
Cooked pasta of your choice, drained, rinsed and cooled…

Diced Salami
Diced Red Onion
Cherry Tomatoes Cubed Mozzarella You will combine all those ingredients in Tupperware to take to work and you will keep the dressing in a separate container until you are ready to eat….Dressing:
3 Parts EVOO to 1 part White Wine Vinegar
Salt & Pepper to taste

And WHAM!! Yummy lunch to take to work!

Next up dinner with the STAR ingredient being ORANGES!!!!
Ok, this is easy you know my “3 Step Breading” process and how we can add things to the bread crumbs? Well this time you will add the Orange Zest of 2 small Oranges to the PLAIN bread crumbs…..

You will need to “pound out” your chicken breasts until they are pretty thin…then drudge them thru the flour, then egg wash and finally the Orange infused bread crumbs! Then right into a Med-High pan with EVOO for about 4 min on each side. (Or until cooked thru)

In the meantime we move on to the Topping for the chicken….
Mixed Greens
Halved Cherry Tomatoes
Sliced Red Onion

Diced Orange (cut up the Orange you zested)

The Salt, Pepper and toss with EVOO

The cutlets will become a rich dark brown color….. remember “color is flavor”

Then serve with salad! And YUMMY, it is a not too over the top Orange inspired dish!

I hope you enjoy this! Comment me if you try them or if you have questions email me at

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  1. Jeremy and Allison Hess
    November 3, 2009 / 8:20 pm

    the brown bag lunch looks delish!

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