How about a little Hollywood chit chat?

So it seems that the Robert & Kristen aka Edward and Bella rumors are TRUE!! This pic is all over the Internet today and it shows them holding hands in London… if you ask me I think it is cute but I am sure a million tweens are crying their eyes out today! The sparkly vampire is taken ladies!

And in case you have not heard Stephanie Meyer will be on Oprah this Friday and I am excited to hear what all she has to say about the HUGE success of the Twilight Franchise. So be sure to set your DVR’s!!!! I also hope she will talk about how her other book The Host (which I loved) is set to become a movie soon!!

Now also all over the Internet is the crap-tastic Jon Gosselin who tries to “parody” himself in a Funny or Die video and I think he BLOWS! He can not get out of the “spotlight” and he grosses me out! To see the video click here!!

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