Holy Houseguests

SO I thought I would share with you my blogger friends that starting tomorrow we will be having house guests for ONE WEEK! Yes, you heard me right! Here is the jest Matt informed me of this 2 days ago that his friend Justin whom I have met once and his fiance whom I have never met will be staying at our casa while they look for a place to live. They are being relocated to okc (fyi). Now this is ok, but lets face the facts here we don’t live in the Big Mac of homes more like the chicken nugget of homes then add in our 4 animals and you get the picture. The “guest bedroom” and I use that term loosely because it does have a bed but what it also has is my entire wardrobe, underwear, shoes and everything else I need to go about my day. We have small closets so we divide to conquer. So tonight I shall be picking out a weeks worth of outfits and hauling them upstairs to lay on the floor (snazzy)then moving my whole “bathroom junk” out of the bathroom and moving it upstairs to our small bathroom so our guests can use the big one downstairs. This “guest room” is also my Scentsy storage so it looks like my car will be getting the boot as Scentsy is going to take over our garage. And I have a Scentsy party while they are here! I will admit I am embarrassed by the way this room looks but what can I do in 24 hours?
I am sorry if I seem to be a tad pouty and complaining but……… well I have no excuse. But Matt was giving me “lip” early over the MAD CLEAN that needs to be done tonight in preparation and I told him to sack it up and get on it! So new friends if you are reading this Hi & Welcome!

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