Busy Busy Bee

GOOD Monday afternoon friends!!! I am sorry for being a bit MIA lately but I am a busy little bee!!! First up I am in the middle of getting out 160 Grant letters and applications to non profits across the state. I am the Community Outreach Chair for Junior Hospitality Club and besides planning the monthly service drives and activities I am in charge of our Grant process….. here is the cliff’s notes version…. I send out TONS of applications and then we research each non profit who sends in a grant and from there we begin our narrowing down process. The group we pick will receive all the funds we raise for an entire fiscal year, so this is a HUGE deal as well as this being the main reason JH Club exists. I am honored to have this position. Now I better get on this! Stuff envelopes, close them, label them and stamp them……..

I have done about 75 so far? Looks like 75 right??

Ok moving on………. this made me melt here are 2 of my 3 dogs the “weenies” snuggling on the couch!! So we cover the couches during the week with that snazzy OU throw since the kiddos lounge on them all day and the pink blanket is mine and I tucked them in when I went to bed… they are beyond cute! Enjoy…. (spoiled much?)

This past weekend was also my JH Club’s annual Sub Sandwich blitz and I enjoyed working on the assembly line making subs like I always do!! This is a great weekend to bond with the other girls while raising money for a great cause! But I think I speak for us all we are beat!

Now…………….. Scentsy!

So I did my first Scentsy Fundraiser last month with a local dance studio and I have a second one for the Chickasha Pom Squad in the works as we speak but this was stressful….

Over lunch today I divided up the orders by dancer and then by each person she sold too and man oh man it was ALOT!!!

I took over my office’s conference room at lunch today and I was soo thankful Matt was here to help me!

And the picture below is only 1/2 of it! Now I drop off the order tonight and keep my fingers crossed that I doubled checked everything good enough!!

Matt always asks me sarcastically if I could get myself involved in one more thing that would be great! haha!

I hope you all had a enjoyable weekend and I hope for all of us this will be a great week!

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  1. Kelly
    November 9, 2009 / 7:53 pm

    I love the snuggling doggies…that is too adorable!! I'm partial to snugglers!!

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