Vegas or Bust

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Curtis, Happy Birthday to you” And Many More……………….
My brother is an officer in the Marines and he is currently living in San Diego while being stationed at Camp Pendelton!! This past month he has been training out in the middle of the dessert kinda near Palm Springs he says and well you know what city is also close? VEGAS! So how can you blame him? Instead of flying back to good ol’ OKC Curtis and his friends will be celebrating his 24th in VEGAS! He is going to see Blue Man Group and Dane Cook all while staying at the luxurious Bellagio!!!

Curtis, I hope you have a wonderful Birthday and a wonderful trip to VEGAS! I will be expecting a full recap next week! Ps…. did you get my package yet???? Well your birthday present shipped last Friday FYI!!!!

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