Stage Fright

Sooooo Saturday night was the NIGHT! Matt and I loaded up and headed to Ponca City for the Ghost Hunters event……. this event was put on thru INsight Paranormal which is in the TAPS (aka Ghost Hunters from SyFy) family. This event was fun, exciting, new, and informative all rolled into one!
The night started off with a Paranormal presentation and ghostly history of the Theatre. The grandchildren of the couple who built this fully believe that it is in fact their grandparents who still roam around the theatre. There have been many many many sightings, EVP’s, video, full body apparitions you name it and it has been seen here. Now you may of thought I would of been scared and I was worried I would too but I was not at all (yes, maybe because we were with a group of 20 in the dark) but I only once got a tad anxious. This happened when we were under the stage in the dressing rooms and earlier that night a full body mass was seen and when we were there I got the weirdest feeling that I was being watched, so much so that I would not even look over to this one side of the room for the fear of what I might see. In fact in that room I caught 2 EVP’s I would later find out.

This theatre was beautiful, I wish my camera could of captured all the beauty and ornate workmanship that was inside. The GM’s who run and have run this place have done an amazing job of keeping up the original beauty and history.

Now moving on to my picture evidence…….Orbs, there is HUGE debate all over the paranormal community on whether these guys are or are not paranormal energy and 99% of the time it is dust. But when the “ball” emits it’s own light it is more than likely some form of energy and that energy is believed to be a spirit manifesting itself. Well get this……… this first picture was taken before the lights even went out and this staircase is the place alot of people claim to see Francis….. you can see this ball seems to be emitting it’s own light and is pretty impressive. I may blow it up and post it closer later.

Now… fast forward 1 hour during lights out, the same spot, same orb……… Can you believe this? This is right outside the room where I caught 2 EVP’s of a women’s voice. (EVP= electronic voice phenomenon)

They set out all their expensive, fancy tools for us to look at Matt is looking for “cold spots ” with a temperature gauge ha!

Now…..I am trying my BEST to upload audio but until I am able to post those here is what I got… Now keep in mind an EVP is something that no one hears until the recorder is later played back…
We were all in a room talking and then you hear a whisper right next to the mic saying “Who’s Playin?” which is a valid question since this spirit is probably wondering why we are all in the theatre. And no one in the room hears this while we are there.
Next I am on the staircase that was once used for the “colored people only” and I ask “Is there anyone on these stairs??” and then you hear “Noooooo”!!!!!!
Then when we are in the dressing room 9 seconds into my tape you hear a loud males voice say “WOW”
Next our leader Kristen asks the spirit to knock 2 times and while we were there I heard nothing but on the tape you hear the faint knocking two times!!!!
I still have 30 more minutes to go thru so how knows what I will catch!!!!!!!

The story of this seat is that this is in the “colored section” and there are tons of reports of people seeing an African American woman sitting here, so Matt & I camped out next to it for around 20mins but we did not see or hear anything.

It was a late night… Matt & I did not get home until around 1:30am! And I would do this again in a heart beat, I must say this was one of the coolest things I have ever done! The history, the paranormal, Halloween it was wonderful!

Lastly this place has framed posters all over the place that are so neat to see……….

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  1. Becky
    October 28, 2009 / 1:43 am

    OMG! How awesome! I so wish I could've gone with you. Next year…I AM THERE! So don't forget about me the next time it comes around.

  2. No Longer Newlyweds.
    October 29, 2009 / 4:17 am

    You are so brave. I cannot do anything scary. I am a total Halloween party pooper. I'm excited to meet you this weekend…this will be my 1st official blog face-to-face introduction. Yeah!

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