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So I enjoy Pop culture, US Weekly, the E! channel and I admit I love Perez Hilton but I generally re-frame from celeb gossip on my blog because who really cares what I think? BUT…But three stories are under my skin………….
First up this whole Khloe & Lamar junk I mean who really meets someone for the first time and then marries them 33 days later? People do it, I know but celebs live in such a fake fairy tale world these days I guess we shall see how long this lasts. My bet is maybe she will get pregnant? Who knows but I think it is craziness!
Moving on to Letterman, I am not a fan and I never watch his show so ya know……..but I don’t get how people are saying “well he wasn’t married when this happened” but hello people he has been in a committed relationship with his wife for 28 years and I highly doubt she sees a difference. I am shocked that A. girls want to “be” with him and B. that these days something like this is no big deal. Maybe Letterman should go hang out with Public Enemy #1…………..

Jon “I am a douche bag” Gosselin! I am so sick and tired him I can barely stand it……. Ok, so Kate “was rude to you” during your marriage so you make amends by sleeping with every 20 year old who will have you, showing up at Hollywood parties, smoking, buying a bachelor pad and now cleaning out your families joint checking? Real Classy Jon! UGG, sorry but I don’t know how Kate remains as composed as she is during interviews because I am pretty sure I would flip a lid!!! Did he forget that he is a “+ 8”??

Ok, OK I just needed to put that out there! Thanks for listening!

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  1. Kelly
    October 7, 2009 / 6:24 pm

    And again, this is why I LOVE your blog!! You rock it!!!

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