The Good & the Bad

A Week of new Recipes: Day Three!
Last night wasn’t so much a new recipe but that I tried something new and well things aren’t always as good as they look…… Good thing you have me to review food for you! HA!
So here are the basic ingredients in this meal…………

The GOOD from this meal is my pan fried breaded chicken cutlets, you can use this simple technique for a million different meals…this also happens to be our favorite way to eat chicken!
1. You want to pound out your chicken breast, not a ton but so they are thinner than they were. Then sprinkle them with salt & pepper
2. Then set up your breading stations (aka my paper plates) you then coat your chicken in flour, then dredge thru 1 beaten egg and then cover in bread crumbs. Just remember flour first!! This time I used plain bread crumbs and added Parmesan cheese to the bread crumbs but you can also use Italian bread crumbs or any combo you like!
Then place the chicken into a hot (med-high) pan coated with EVOO and you will cook for roughly 4-5min on each side. And feel free to cut one open to check when it is done…. and don’t worry “Color is Flavor”
This was last nights meal we had the yummy breaded chicken cutlets with spaghetti noodles, pumpkin Parmesan sauce and topped off with fresh Parmesan cheese!
So the Bad? Well I love love Williams-Sonoma and I saw this sauce… Pumpkin Parmesan sauce and I had to have it, it was not cheap either it was like $15! It smelled very pumpkin like as I was heating it in a sauce pan and I thought the chicken would even out the bold flavors but little did I know this sauce tastes like NOTHING! Really, nothing at all……huge disappointment! Now you know……..
PS…. Matt & I fought over the last of “The Cake” last night… no joke argued over who’s piece was bigger, and Matt cut them very unfair so you know!

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  1. Jamie
    October 7, 2009 / 4:23 pm

    I almost bought that sauce….so disappointed that it was tasty :(. Their sauces are usually SOOOO yummy!!!!

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