Friday Chit Chat

Here we are at Friday again, Happy Friday to you all! This week has been pretty busy filled with Scensty stuff, JH meetings, work and yucky weather! Yesterday was a good afternoon at work because my sister Marissa came up after school to clean the office, I just love it when she is here!!
Many people ask me where I get my recipes and how I keep them… well alot of my recipes are in my head or are something I come up with on the stop but for the others I watch alot of Food Network then print out the recipes or I tear them out of my favorite cooking magazines! I then have a really cheap binder filled with even cheaper dividers that I store them in! I added a handful of new fall recipes yesterday into my binder from the Sandra Lee Magazine and Family Circle…

Here is a bit of a sneak peak…..and those yummy looking pancakes are Sandra Lee’s Pumpkin Spice pancakes! YUMM!

So last night I had a Junior Hospitality Club meeting where we had a yummy nacho bar that our wonderful hostess with the mostess Natalie put together! (Thanks Nat) and then on my drive home my day took a awful turn…………… so I have said many times I can spot an animal a mile away, and yes I think God is trying to tell me something but I have not quite figured out what exactly I am to do with these signs. Anyways…..I was driving home and my neighborhood is kind of one of the borderline ones to the fields/trees of nothing….and I was coming up over the hill and I knew I spotted something but it was pitch black so I stop to make sure (I was the only car around) and sure enough there was a coyote crossing the road. I felt sorry for this pretty animal because he did not ask for man to build homes on top of his home, who knows where he lives and what he eats..and of course all God’s creatures deserve love and respect. Well this coyote froze in the middle of the road and like a scene out of a bad movie this cop car comes speeding by and hits this little fellow and speeds off and then the coyote managed to limp to the side of the road. I am terribly distraught and I really consider helping this animal but I remember this is a WILD animal and could possibly eat me. This was awful, I was so upset no one likes seeing anything like this happen and all I could do was go home and pray that this animal will be ok.
Sorry to share an awful story with you but I mean “why me?” why do I always see things like this?

Moving on to a MUCH much lighter subject……………Scentsy has debuted our Holiday 2009 line and I am in LOVE! There are special warmers and plug ins, these beauties go on sale NOV 1!!! If you click on the picture below it will take you to a site to “preview” the holiday line, so plan now and know I am definitely placing a order on Nov 1!! I want to enjoy these all season! And a good friend of mine Traci had a great idea buying these bad boys as Christmas gifts and then passing them out to friends and family on Thanksgiving so your recipient can enjoy them all season! You can always email me an order at or order directly from my site at !!

As for this weekend … I have a packed one…… tonight I have Book Club (yippee) and then tomorrow is filled with a Scentsy meeting and then tomorrow night Matt & I head to Ponca City for the TAPS Ghost hunting event, I am super excited!
I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. The Browns
    October 23, 2009 / 3:45 pm

    I am an animal lover too. (except for reptiles) But, don't beat yourself up about things that are out of your control. 🙂 Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. Hope you have fun! <3 Bon

  2. AlliG
    October 25, 2009 / 2:03 am

    Nicole, I am so sorry you witnessed this. How heartbreaking and upsetting!

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