So I went to the neurologist this morning and long story short he recommended this………….

No really, it went as well as I expected…. and I sure did overwhelm him at first with my huge soap box like rant I wish I had a camera to take a picture of his face, but I am passionate about getting well! So do you blame me? We scheduled an MRI of my brain for this coming Tuesday just to make sure there isn’t something we are missing……and I even got a Xanax to get me thru laying inside the tube for the MRI!! ha. So it is a start huh?
It is Friday friends and the Friday before a 3 day weekend!! YIPPEE! Do you all have big plans?? We kinda do.. Today is my amazing wittle God Daughters Birthday she is ONE!! Happy Birthday Kendall Reese!! Tomorrow her parents are throwing a Red Carpet/Hollywood themed Party! Do not worry there will be a ton of pictures come Tuesday’s postings I am sure!!!!!!! Then Sunday it is back to it…. the bathroom remodel that is!!!! I hope we will get alot of tile done and the repainting done!! Then on the bonus day Monday I am hoping to catch a movie, one of my favorite past times as you all know!!!!!!!

I hope you all have a safe, relaxing and fun Labor Day weekend!!!

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