Friday Free for All!!

Hi friends! I thought I would call today a “free-for-all” because I have a bunch of randomness to chat with you about!!! First of all we made it, it is FRIDAY!!! Second I must say the past 2 days (knock on wood) I have felt good, no migraines and I really hope this is the start of the new meds I am on and not a mere coincidence!!! So please pray! THANK YOU!
Now………. my family had a big birthday this week, Isabella Savage turned 7 this week and she is as beautiful as ever… this is her in one of her favorite spots inside any drawer!! Happy Belated Birthday my love!! I found her 7 years ago in a box outside of the Walmart in Norman and it was love at first site!!
Now, I am a HUGE bargain shopper and I am going to start sharing my finds with you, whether you like it or not! I have to admit although I do love a good J Crew shirt and coach bags other than that I LOVE LOVE Target & good ol’ Walmart!! This week I was thinking about the “in between ” weather that will be coming up and I need a new jacket so this great leopard trench is from NY & Company and with the buy 1 get 1 half off they have going on I got this for $30!!!!!!!!!! Yippee…. It runs big FYI! I loved the 3/4 sleeves!
At lunch today I went to Walmart and I work in the ghetto so going to this Walmart is a big deal because frankly it kind of scares me!!! I made it out alive, whew! SO I got this shirt below in pink & black for $12!!!!! And I also got some black leggings for $5 and I am going to try to pair the two since this shirt is long! Walmart had some mega cute stuff!!!!!!! You should go…

Do you remember me talking about the Craft club I joined, A Sassy Affair? Well this first week is wrapping up and I am not done, I hope to finish tomorrow!!! This is my friend Becky’s and I love hers….mine is going to look similar but with silver accents! (I hope) Stay tuned for my big reveal! haha

Do you know what else I am going to do this weekend? Besides my Scentsy party??? I am going to decorate for fall!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my favorite time of year!!

I have to apologize for this crazy/random post that was very underwhelming but it is Friday people!!! And one more thing, The new Dan Brown book is GREAT I am 8 chapters in!!!!!!!!

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  1. Becky
    September 18, 2009 / 7:32 pm

    Ahh! Thanks for the shout out. I can't wait to see your project! If you decide you need help on it, you were welcome to come over on Saturday…I have nadda going on ALL day!

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