Birthday’s & A Bathroom

So it has come & it has gone…. Kendall is officially ONE!! We had her Movie Star Premiere Birthday on Saturday night and of course she was as cute as a button! I made a slide show to show off her AMAZING cake by Amy Cakes ( she did my wedding plus Kendall’s cute one of a kind Birthday outfit!!! We had a good time but something tells me she didn’t know it was her Birthday! HA, oh ya she is one!

Yesterday was also a very special Birthday in the Savage household…. Oscar turned 3!!! This is a picture of him guarding his Birthday loot from his brothers, he is a bit bossy! ha!!!
This is a picture of the day we adopted Oscar and brought him home from the family who was unable to care for him! Since we do not know any of our kids exact Birthday’s only a guesstimate… we make their Birthday be the day we adopted/found them! Look at this face…. yes, one look and it was love at first site for us! Happy Birthday Oscar, we love you! And THANK you to all our friends, their dogs and our family for the B-day wishes! No joke, we received many!
Now…….. we have another Birthday coming up on the 15th my beautiful only girl of the family Isabella turns 7 and her Oma & Granddad got her a early present… a new jungle gym!!! Don’t be jealous people yes, this is in our master bedroom and it looks faboosh! I put it together myself yesterday!!

This is my little lady checking it out for the first time making sure it was up to her standards!

And lucky for all of us she approved!!! I love her so much! We all do! xoxo

Now moving on to the bathroom portion of this post, yes in case you were wondering we are still working in this! ha Matt’s dad came over on Sunday and they were able to tile the WHOLE thing and now it must dry a couple of days before they move on!

Matt & his dad put in about 7 hard hours!! And we all decided this is our “practice” house, I mean Matt has learned electrical stuff, tiling, flooring and anything else you can imagine… whew!

We got the mirrors up also but the light bulbs are too bright and need to be changed and a deep deep cleaning will be required when this is thru! And you can’t tell from the pic but the walls are now a deep sand color…. me likey!

So overall we had a crazy busy work filled weekend! And I have a funny story, we got a new rug for the living room because the dogs chewed off all the corners of our old one (go figure) and we loved the rug at my Melissa’s house we saw this weekend so we stole the idea and got it…. I come home and un package it and lay it out all nice and move the coffee table on top of it and all I do is walk to the trash can when I KID YOU NOT I hear the sound of dry heaves and I run as fast as I can but don’t make it and Abner threw up all over it! Yup it was on the floor for .5 seconds….Welcome to my house!

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  1. Becky
    September 9, 2009 / 12:35 am

    The bathroom's lookin' good!

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