Remodel in the works

SO our house is 25 years old and this is our 3rd year in it, I believe? ha, well as many of you know we bought The Money Pit and to not scare off any first time home buyers out there… our case is extreme! The people who lived here prior to us “patched” up everything and now during the past three years we have watched it fall apart along with our wallets! I mean we have replaced flooring, all appliances, had a water main break on Christmas Day, A/C repair, our garage door is broke, we have a leak upstairs and we are currently working on the downstairs bath! Whew! Now, don’t get me wrong we live no where near the ghetto, our neighborhood is nice and so is our home …well on the surface! ha So this weekend Matt & his dad are going to work on the plumbing downstairs and start to rebuild the shower! One thing Matt did the other night was replace these God Awful light fixtures, we have two in our hallway can you believe we lived with this for 3 years! HA……..Before………..
After!! And yes, they are oddly close to the ceiling but you have to work with what was there people!

I want to you see the HUGE mirror and dressing room lights we have because at lunch today I bought two nice brushed nickel mirrors and new fixtures (on sale, thank goodness) to replace these with and maybe this will usher the bathroom out of the 80s! oh, ps… that whole in the ceiling was at at home plumbing “thing” from 2 1/2 years ago and Matt is finally going to close that puppy up for me! YIPPEE! I forgot about it and ove the past years people are like “uh, do you know there is a whole in the bathroom” and I am so use to it I don’t even notice! sad!

This is demo stage two, last night Matt scraped all the popcorn off the ceiling and I could not bear to take a picture of the aftermath of that it looked like a tornado! And yes, this is where I did my make up and hair this morning before work!

Hopefully come Monday I will have some new and dramatically different pictures to show! We are not going crazy we have a small budget but fixing the plumbing and replacing the tile was our main concern! Matt is doing a great job learning about home projects!

Wish us luck this weekend!!!!!!

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  1. Becky
    August 28, 2009 / 6:29 pm

    Good luck this weekend! I know you'll love it when it is all done! Your house has so much character and it is just waiting for all that love that you want to give it!

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