Since my nightmares are out in the open I thought I would share, kind of like group therapy no?… Last night was the first night of night terrors in awhile and boy did I made up for lost time apparently!! So this picture below accurately depicts the scene in my mind, this is the Texas Chainsaw Creepy-McCreeperson house that I was stuck in last night!! And the “thing” after me and some faceless friends was some sort of hybrid cross between the chainsaw guy and freddy kruger… and I will let your imagination run wild with that information. I woke up scared to death and I was scared to go back to sleep so I prayed for a while and nodded back off to more nightmares! sweet! ha! NOTE! I am not a weirdo and I do not control what happens in my mind while I sleep, just wanted to get that out again!
Moving on to lighter topics…. my brother has officially moved to San Diego as of Sunday! Goodbye Okies hello Land of the Sun! I still can not believe that from all the windows in his home that his backyard is literally the beach and ocean, I was thinking about that awhile ago as I sit at work starring off at a busy intersection and the abandoned technology plant across the street that I stare at everyday…. *tear*! Well Curtis reports back to duty tomorrow and starts his new journey at camp Pendelton… so keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

Insert Crazed Teenage Skreek here….. last night due to the lack of TV options I watched the Teen Choice awards and Kristen Stewart buggs… I know she is filming a movie that requires her to have a mullet right now and another movie that you may or may not of heard of where she must be pale but there is NO EXCUSE for this outfit or her dirty hair. Her whole ” I could care less” thing that she has going on only shows that she cares too much and is trying to hard to be anti-glam…. well YUCK! I wish she was a bit more like Bella!

Ahhh……… but Taylor, oh Taylor how can I get you to meet my little seester??? WOW, he is the best looking teen out there! And Ashley Green how cute is her dress?? Even thought she has nudie pics on the Internet of her… she cleans up great!

You all should jump on over to the Junior Hospitality Blog http://www.jhokc.blogspot.com/ and see what makes today sooo special!!! Tonight I have a JH event that I am looking forward to and there may be pictures to follow tomorrow!! And now 14 very exciting seconds… this is the new teaser trailer that will debut this weekend!!!!

REMINDER!!! All month long all Scentsy is 10% off!!! www.scentsy.com/savysavage some of your favorite scents may be discontinued as of Sept 1 so don’t wait to stock up… I am off to order my brother a warmer and scent as a house warming gift! Adios!


  1. Kelly
    August 11, 2009 / 11:14 pm

    Kristen Stewart has SO MUCH potential but she totally ruins it!! What a waste!! But oh Taylor, sweet Taylor! Ahhh!!

  2. Becky
    August 12, 2009 / 11:27 pm

    I totally agree about Kristin. She infuriates me! Is that the trailer that is being released this weekend before BandSlam? I am planning to take the kids to see it, just so I can see the New Moon trailer they are advertising.

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