Proverbs 12:10

A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal

Well, as you may of gathered I found something on the side of the road this morning and I call her “Pork Chop” because she is irresistible and plump!
Sooo……..get this……. I sometimes go the “back roads” to work, kind of in the country more like the outskirts of Okc and Mustang and I went that way today and in the middle of a busy back road was a dog and the car in front of me hit her!! Thank goodness they just bumped her butt and she is perfectly fine! So I stop the car and rush out because I saw she was wearing a collar and I wanted to make sure she was ok and she comes barrelling over and jumps into my car, tail wagging. She is super cute, happy, well groomed and has a collar but no tags so I assume she got out and belongs to a home nearby; but they all have security gates and I am unable to knock on doors. So I am late for work, I called my boss and he is less than thrilled… what do I do? I can’t take her to my house with my brood, I can’t track down my mom so I call the vet and they are holding her for today. Moving forward just now at lunch I took flyers over to the area and passed them out with my number and I saw an older man mowing so I stopped him and asked if he knew this dog and he told me this……….”someone drove up and dumped this sweet dog last night in front of his yard and speed away” first of all who does that? So I just had the joyful conversation of telling Matt we have a 5th animal until I can find her a home and that went over swell, I am sure you can imagine. But he is right this will cost us money we do not have, this will take our time and this is a hassle but doing the right thing is not always the easiest thing! And in the past week I have driven past 3 dogs over by work that I have spotted wandering around and that is hard but this girl I could not swerve around her and drive past!

So please please pass this info on…. she is adorable, jumped right onto my lap and gave me kisses and there will be NO re-homing fee just FREE to a good home! If you know of anyone please email me at I am already in love with her but our house will NOT hold another dog!!!! WE DELIVER!!!!!!!

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