Ok, let’s get started……

Have you all been on pins and needles waiting to see if I went to my reunion or not? Well wait no more my friends, I skipped it! And no, I am not entirely pleased with that decision but after a week filled with begging someone to take my money and hearing one thing then another I decided to pass. BUT… luckily for me I did get to wear the dress I bought for the occasion that same night when we did Plan B: went to a wedding with my family! And we had a good time, we really did who doesn’t love cake?! Here is Marissa and I outside the reception and I used the “red eye” and it turned me into creepy black True Blood eyes! ha! Did anyone watch that last night? crazy! Now one song comes to my mind when I see this picture……… “Kid sister, Kid sister, Kid sister, Kid sister wherever I go your gonna go……..”
Matt & I are laughing in this picture because the prior pic Matt was making a face as to how thrilled he was to be at a wedding and how ready to go home he was…use your imagination! haha

Sooo… Saturday was a BLAST! We loaded up and kidnapped my sister and went over to a client turned friend of Matt’s named Danny, him and his family were out of town and told us we could swim and watch movies at their house for the day! They have an acre or two and as a Thank You Matt mowed their whole yard in the morning while Marissa and I sun bathed! Here is Matt kicking our butts in a game of 2 -on-1! ha

So let me say that if you have one of these in your house or your parents do then “Good for You” but we don’t and we loved laying on the couch for a mid day break and watching a movie!! I gotta get a room like this! I mean wow.

This is their yard such a “nice little in town day long escape”!!!!

Two things………… 1. YES I hold my nose!! 2. We swam like kids all day! We raced, jumped in, did flips and had a ball! This is our “signature jump”

Marissa and I are water logged and have some severe swimmers hair at the end of the day! haha….

So out of all three of my kiddos only one liked the water…………OSCAR! Who would of thought our robust weenie would beg at the edge of the pool for me to hold him and swim with him. No, he can’t swim on his own I am sure he would sink like a rock but he was in heaven in my arms!!!

And after a long day Abner drove us home…………………..

When we got home Matt went and picked us up SUSHI to end a WONDERFUL day with a wonderful meal! Now, I will say we tried to watch the Soloist and 1/2 way thru had to turn it off…. it is sooo boring and the scenes jumped around… awful! It is odd that we turned it off because I am easy to please! We were glad to turn in early on Saturday!! It really was the most fun and easy going Saturday I have had in awhile! NICE!!! (insert Borat accent there)

Now Sunday Matt played in his Golf league and I met my great friend Becky from JH at the movies to see The Time Travelers Wife, we both recently read the book!

Now, let me say first off Eric Bana is so handsome and him and Rachel McAdams had wonderful chemistry… they made the movie as good as it was. It is hard because I am watching this movie and knowing the book, but if you have not read the book I bet you were lost. If you have not read the book and are planning on it.. DO NOT see the movie, one thing I LOVED about the book was I could not imagine the ending or things that happened so don’t ruin it by seeing the movie. And the movie cut a TON out and changed soo much but I understand it is so hard to develop such deep characters in 2 hours. I felt for the characters that I knew from my book and I will admit, I shed a tear or two and that is HUGE for me. I was pleased, yup pleased…….. I will leave it at that.


  1. The Frasiers
    August 17, 2009 / 8:01 pm

    Looks like a fun weekend – especially your private pool party!!!

  2. Amanda Isaacs
    August 17, 2009 / 9:14 pm

    I didn't go to the reunion either…I'm wondering who did. I don't really feel like we missed out on much.

  3. Jeremy and Allison Hess
    August 18, 2009 / 3:21 pm

    YES we LOVE True Blood – your eyes do look like the crazy people on there!!! I cant believe only 3 more episodes! and it wont be back on until summer 2010?!?

  4. Kelly
    August 18, 2009 / 7:44 pm

    I'm still scared to see the movie, but I agree if you haven't read the book yet DON'T see the movie first! I'm so torn with seeing the movie. You're so much better about being able to separate the two!

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