Thank Goodness it is Friday!! This has been a long, full and somewhat stressful week and now the weekend is upon us! I just hope today is not one of those long and drawn out Friday’s at work ..they make me mad!
This is just going to be a simple recap of my week and some things I am excited about this weekend… Last night I had our first Board of Directors meeting for the new JH year, it was very long but very productive! At JH my great friend Becky started selling Mary Kay so I bought my first order and she even threw in a eyeshadow quad for me! I am excited to use it, she is a great Mary Kay lady if you would like to contact her about an order shoot her an email at
So we have a “work plant” and this plant has been in the “family” for over 10 years, this plant was given to my dad at work when his father passed away from one of our competitors. I love this plant, I take good care of it! It has been through alot, I left my dad’s company for about 9months and the guys here almost killed it but upon my triumphant return last year I brought it back to lush, full, green life! So I am sad to say about 1 week ago this thing started to die??? I have even set it outside for some sunlight and extra photosynthesis trying by best to give it extra TLC… I am trying to save it but today it is so yellow? HELP! This is it 2 days ago on it’s outside field trip!
So technically I missed last night’s finale (SYTYCD) but I could not wait to see who won… and I was pleased to see my favorite from the get -go won…. Jeanine! She has true talent, grace and beauty. I hope she finds a great place in the world of dance!

Sooo tonight I am excited that my friend Melissa and I having girls night which is going to involve two of my favorite things!!! Sushi & a Movie!! We are going to go and see Julie & Julia, even thought I did not finish the book because it did not capture my interest I think the movie will be great! But as always I will let you know on Monday!! I am Matt-less today, he won a promo trip with Farmers again and he loaded up on a bus this morning for a day filled with golf, golf and food! I hope he has a great time and doesn’t have a heat stroke!

Ah yes, you know me it looks like this will be a 2 movie weekend!! I think tomorrow night Matt & I are going to go with my ‘rents to see G.I. Joe in the balcony here at the Moore Warren so we can grub down while enjoying an action flick! Matt is excited about this movie and I told him I would not see it without him!

And I think we all know who is in this movie….. only my boyfriend Channing Tatum!!!!!!

Well who’s to say I wont post again this afternoon but I hope you all and your families have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Becky
    August 7, 2009 / 3:29 pm

    I am so glad Jeannine won! I can't wait to watch the episodes. I may try to do it on my computer tonight.

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