I am alive…..barely

So when I left you all last I had a terrible migraine on Friday which did continue throughout the night so it was great that Matt and I rented a movie or two and laid on the couch…… We had a semi-scary movie weekend! The Haunting in Connecticut was good, some places made me jump and I got a bit scared before bed but I am happy to report no nightmares in result of me watching that movie! Then Saturday during the day we watched the Unborn… creepy is what that movie was. Neither of those movies had any blood or guts thank goodness but just pure old ghosts and creepy music! I think both those movies were worthy renters! Now….. I must say my FAVORITE person on the Next Food Network Star, Melissa WON!! I can not wait to watch her show and try out her easy, yummy, family friendly food!!
Saturday night we went to my good friend Jennifer’s baby shower… it was a couple’s shower at Coach’s and we had a great time! She will be an amazing mom and her little man Costner is due the first week of October!!

Sooooooo………… yesterday Matt and I moved my dad’s mother from an assisted living center on north side to a place closer to my parents home and we were thinking this would be a “get in -get out” in a couple of hours job……..well 8 hours later we wanted to collapse! I am soo sore today I can barely move! It took Matt’s truck bed, the back seat and an entire trailer to move her!

Matt & I alone moved all of this from a second story room ll the way down two halls and into a trailer. Did I mention she has a dresser that weighs about 400 pounds? At one point I could of swore my forearms were bleeding! HA! (Does this mean I am out of shape?) But we finally got it done yesterday at 4! I then rushed home to make Turkey Milanse and pan fried potatoes for my whole family who came over at 5:30 because 1. My brother wanted to see the animals before he leaves this week and get some of my home cooking and 2. My dad needed to come over because did I mention my toilet is broken?? So I buttered him up with some dinner!!

Yes it is! My dad said he can fix it fairly cheap so this is good news but right now in our downstairs bath our shower is broke and in the upstairs bath our toilet is broke! SUHWEET!! Life is good huh? HAHA!
Books……… after watching True Blood on Sunday I have decided to read the books starting tomorrow! I hope they are close to the series because I am dying to know what happens!!!!! Stay tuned their are 9 books in this series but I am thinking I can knock these out in about 3 weeks!

Today I am leaving work early I have been commissioned by my little sister as her “stylist” for her Senior Pictures today! So I am happy to oblige and make sure she looks amazing! So stay tuned later this week for some sneak-peaks! Ok, I think I cleared out my brain here on this post today! Have a wonderful day and stay cool!

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  1. Kelly
    August 5, 2009 / 12:51 am

    Something must have been in the air Friday cause I had the start of a migraine that continued through the night. I had THE WORST night of sleep, let me correct myself, NO SLEEP. Then it was a full blown migraine Saturday morning!! It was horrible!!

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