So like I mentioned yesterday our reunion is Uber-exciting! ha, And this morning we all got a hasty email from the planning committee talking about disrespectful people trying to pay at the door? I mean what? So fast forward a couple of hours and I have been getting emails from other people saying that 1 person on the committee says we can pay at the door? I mean what a mess, what to do -what to do? When I was going I planned on getting a spray tan and a pedicure and I did neither so that bothers me! (silly I know) It is stupid I mean either way I will be disappointed…. And come on who wouldn’t want to parade around a hunky hubby like mine? I guess I will have to leave you hanging and let you know what I decided come Monday! ha! GO JAGS!
So I had to share this, Matt don’t be mad……… we were at his parents and Matt took his dads fancy bike because now Matt is going to take up cycling (I guess) and he was trying on the helmet and he put it on backwards, this cracked me up he looks so pathetic!

Tuesday night we had a wonderful dinner at JH for potential new members and to celebrate the fact that Tuesday was our 75th Birthday! It was a wonderful night and we had Ingrid’s cater which just so happens to be making an appearance on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives this season! Stay tuned! This is my friend Susan she planned the night…. Thanks, you were amazing!

So…..check this out, my friend Allison went to visit her family in the Woodlands and went to this AMAZING gourmet store Sur La Table and brought me back black food coloring, a black cat & a weenie dog cookie cutter! How cute are these? Thank you so much Al, you are soo nice!

So on top of everything going on this week Matt decided to “Demo” our downstairs shower for our “remodel” this is what I get to look at every morning while I get ready, sweet! But the funny part is we have no date set to work on it nor have we picked out anything… but Matt got a hankering to bust up some tile while I was away… my fingers are crossed that this process goes more quickly than I anticipate! I will keep everyone updated! ps…yes, it is gross we had a leak!

And when I came home and ventured into the bathroom 2 of our dogs were kind enough to be supervising Matt ….. oh how I love them so! Abner & Ralph

And yes………. I met the lady yesterday and gave the dog I found a big hug & kiss as I sent her off to her new life. I wish her well, I sent a new toy with her…. something to remember me by! I hope she is loved as much as I would of loved her! And as you all know this weekend would not be complete without a movie and sure enough I have plans Sunday to go and see the Time Travelers Wife, I am sure I will have alot to say considering this is one of my favorite books!! Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. Becky
    August 16, 2009 / 10:18 pm

    Tell Matt if he needs someone to ride with Tony is a huge cycling fanatic.

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