2 Steps forward and 1 step back

I will have to start off by thanking my wonderfully hardworking husband for putting his sweat and I am sure at times he wanted to tear up into our downstairs bath. Matt’s dad came over all day on Saturday and fixed our plumbing issues in this shower (huge Thanks to him) and Matt then worked over 16 hours this weekend . Home remodeling/repair is not easy folks and Matt has his first battle scar to show for this… while working on the plumbing his dad grazed his hand with the blow torch (ouch!) so Matt had a hugely gross open wound like burn! This weekend they got done the lighting, cleaning out the demo work, the plumbing and then putting up these walls as the base for our tile which will be done next weekend!
We had the HUGE 80s style mirror in the bathroom and we decided it had to go, but we will leave it in the attic in case one day when we move the new owners want to put it back up!! I even helped Matt move the mirror and yes, it is all in one piece still!!

And wow… this is what we found underneath, a beautiful mauve wallpaper with tiny white flowers! HA! I wonder what color the sinks and toilets were during this era as well? And note to homebuyer’s, we though the black was very cool when we moved in because it was all shiny and clean but unless you clean them everyday it sucks! Why didn’t we replace them? Well are you donating to our cause?

This is Matt on Saturday when I got home from Scentsy Convention and our wonderfully loving animals were helping to clean him off! ha!

Ok, so you must be wondering what our 1 step back is? Well please note the Banana custard like picture below…… Saturday night Matt spent about 4 hours painting the whole room to make it fresh and to cover the wallpaper and I told him I thought it looked a bit light but he said it would dry darker. So Sunday morning I wake up and much to my surprise the bathroom looks like a Banana!!! I felt awful for Matt and his work but this will not do and he feels the same, so next weekend back to square one and we will repaint the whole thing again!!!

This is a work in progress and I can see the finish project, I am going to get new rugs, we picked out a great tile “border” for the shower on Sunday at Lowe’s and we already have a nice shower curtain… so the end is in sight people!! Matt today feels like crap and is sore but being the trooper he is, woke up like normal at 5:30 and went to work it out! This weekend was too fast and we don’t want to think about the fact that we will be using our Labor Day weekend to work but the sooner we finish the sooner we move on to another project?? Ha!

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  1. Jeremy and Allison Hess
    August 31, 2009 / 6:16 pm

    Looking good Nicole!! Good call on the mirror! Have a new updated one will make a huge difference in the bathroom! Cant wait to see the finished product!

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