Who wears short shorts…..(Updated)

Ahhhhh………where to begin……. I just have some main points about last night…
Is it just me or is Jillian kind of weird? and kinda drunk in every episode?

First of all I know I know Reid could not express his love for Jillian until he was in the limo after getting the boot so that is his fault but I just loved Reid… he was the cutest guy by far, sweet, silly and realistic about this show being a teenie bit fast to be getting engaged!!! But I am sure that once he goes home to Philly he will not have any trouble getting a girl…

Now on to the entertainment of last night… I have been scouring the Internet all morning for a better picture of Ed in his “Mankini Shorts” and his SWEET 80s tank with chest hair hanging out and this is all I could find…… I mean Who Wears This? And what is even funnier is this tank top below is grey with blue outlines and in the preview for the show next week it shows him in the same tank top but with green outlines, I guess when he raided his moms closet he found 2 and thought SCORE!

Ok……..so when Jillian came out of the bathroom in her “Bedroom Attire” for Ed, I thought it was too much for ABC and how funny that the cameras left the other two over night dates right away but they just so happened to be there for the drama that was to unfold ( i think it was in the script)! So my thought is are they really talking about what I think they are? I mean she was what appeared to be naked in the tub with Reid the night before and then after Ed “lubed” her up she says something about “them being too sunburned and it couldn’t happen” And Ed being embarrassed about not being able to “show her he loves her” so he goes to sulk on the porch as the cameras catch him in deep thought?? Watch………

Well, there it is! Thoughts????????????
Why do we watch this? It is silly but yet myself and everyone I know watched last night!

UPDATE!! Ok one of my fav sites http://www.realitysteve.com/ posted his recap of last night you should read it but I want to share with you my fav paragraph ever…….

Now it’s time for the date everyone wants to talk about, and that’s Ed. No, not because of what they did (sailed around on a catamaran), but because of what he was wearing. I honestly don’t know who decided to dress him that morning, but it certainly wasn’t anyone who cared for his well being. Holy Christ! Was he in a rush leaving for the date and accidentally grabbed a pair of his nephews shorts he mistakenly packed? Did he think they were in France and not Hawaii? How does someone rationally explain wearing those god awful shorts on national television? Bright green shorts to go with a blue tank top. European Ed not only has no fashion sense, but he’s colorblind as well. When you wear a bathing suit made for 13 year old boys on television, something is wrong with you. Ed needs help. On the catamaran, Jillian asks him to tell her the weirdest thing about him she doesn’t know. “My family calls me Richie.” Euro Richie needs all the help he can get at this point. The shorts are just mesmerizing dude. I can’t even concentrate on anything else happening here. If they were any tighter and shorter, you could be considered a male prostitute in some states.


  1. Traci Anne
    July 14, 2009 / 4:23 pm

    The whole Ed thing made me uncomfortable. Keep it in the bedroom people. I feel like she will pick Kiptyn and then Ed will never live this down and will regret he ever came back.

  2. Jeana
    July 14, 2009 / 10:19 pm

    gI think Jillian is strange also, she kinda wears me out! Lovin' his shorts, too MUCH!! HA!!! Oh and what the world was that outfit she wore for Ed, HELLO!! Geez…I think it's scripted too, too ironic, don't ya think? I agree with Traci, I think she'll pick Kipton,they are keeping him on the back burner for a reason…but I'm with you, I love Reid too!!! Oh and what is the drama that she's going to find out? More drama, more scripted!

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