Twilight Tuesday

It has been awhile my fellow Twilight fans but I have finally decided to post some new movie stills that are floating around the Internet…… Here is a new one with Jacob & Bella….
(insert crazed tween twilight screams)
You all have prolly seen this before but this is the official Wolf Pack picture…. on the new “official” movie website that is now up and running you can learn more about each of these guys and it gives some great movie quotes…

And here is the much anticipated Volturi and now after seeing these actors in full on vampire mode I think they fit perfectly with what I would have imagined them to look like!! Dakota Fanning looks amazing and grown up!!

I plan on reading the series again this September or October before the movie comes out in November, I am excited about that because something about this series reminds me of fall. It may be that Forks is cold, the fact that I read them for the first time last fall or that the movies have come out in fall but to me the books seem warm and cozy and it is always nice to tie in feelings or memories with a book, song or movie! Whew, that was long winded huh?

Now, I must say to all you Twilight haters out there in the past couple of months 3 friends of mine who were ANTI Twilight caved and read them.. even protesting throughout their reading of the books and then wham they LOVED them!!!! So it is never to late to jump on the bandwagon!!!


  1. Becky
    July 28, 2009 / 8:06 pm

    Hi! My name is Becky. I was a Twilight Hater for almost a year. I have seen Ms. Meyer for my therapy and can now fully embrace Twilight!

  2. Kelly
    July 28, 2009 / 9:39 pm

    I love your Twilight posts…keep'em coming!!! Woohoo!! Wolf Pack Rocks!!

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