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So I thought I would do some catching up today and talk a little about this and a little about that… First up I read a book this week “a long way gone” by Ishmael Beah the memoir of his life as a boy solider in Sierre Leone. I researched this book a bit on Monday before starting and there are accusations on the web that Ishmael “enhanced” his story or that not all the facts are true but most of these accusations of falsehoods come from people within the Sierre Leone goverment and they would have obvious reasons to call his story false. So… I choose to read this as fact and this is not a read for the weak stomached, I actually never read this book before bed because I was worried about these images seeping into my dreams. This book is eye opening, sad, tragic and makes me want to “do something” even though this problem is bigger than me and bigger than we know. This was a good quick read and I recommend this to anyone who likes history and learning about other cultures no matter how awful they are. Any thoughts on what my next book should be?
Tonight Matt and I are gonna take it easy we have had a busy summer and we are gearing up for an even busier fall. I am getting my hair done this afternoon, gonna get a spray tan and then we have plans to grub down on some Mexican then plant our full stomachs on the couch with a movie!! Now this is an experiment I say, my family saw this the other night and has assured me it is very scary but ghostly scary and no blood and guts… so I am up for it, we are gonna rent the Haunting in Connecticut tonight and I am hoping that this movie also does not make it’s way into my dreams tonight…we shall see. You know this is “based” on a true story and I have done some research on it and found there is a documentary out on the real family which I would like to see, you know this interests me! I will let you know what I think next week, count on it!

SO an update on my Migraines this week and life with no meds! First up I finally have an appt set up with a neurologist but they could not get me in until the first week of Sept and I am assuming I will be undergoing a MRI, brain scam and what not …so hopefully that will shed some light on my situation. Now, this week has been full of prayer by me, my friends and family and I THANK you all soo much! Now, knock on wood this week has been ok, ok until today that is… right now I am not doing so well and I kinda want to cry at my desk, yes me the “I never cry girl” but I think this onset of potential tears is a combination of the pain, the stress of all this and the constant worrying if tomorrow will be a good day or bad. Now, I know you are not suppose to share prescription meds with people but I was desperate so my mom gave me something to try today and I took it an hour ago, so I am waiting to see how I am react… will I get tired, weird, loopy or nothing at all? Who knows but I am hoping to find out soon! Another weird thing happened Tuesday night and I have never got anything like this but I got so dizzy or it might me called vertigo that before bed I could barely wash my face at the sink without falling over, and when I made it into bed the room was spinning like a top… that kinda worried me because new symptoms are never good!! I hate talking about my migraines because it gets old to me and to my friends and family……….

This weekend Matt & I have a baby shower to go to and errands to run… and it locks like I wont be back to the blogging world until Tuesday…. Monday I will be out of the office! Matt & I are going to be moving my Dad’s mother from her current assisted living center to one closer to my parents house. So me and my huge muscles and Matt’s brawn will be moving on Monday and setting her new room up so she can be transferred on Tuesday.

Well guys thanks for listening to my randomness… I hope everyone enjoys their weekends!

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  1. Becky
    July 31, 2009 / 8:06 pm

    I think you should read Nicolas Sparks The Lucky One!!Now, that movie…OMG! I saw a three second blip of it and was out! I just can't handle this type of scarey movie anymore. Too many nightmares. Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

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