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Last night I finally found out what all the fuss about Bunco is….. it is pretty fun!! I mean for literally just being a roll the dice game we had a ball!! Last night Junior Hospitality Club hosted a bunco night for potential new members to come and get to know us and the reason why we picked Bunco is because you have to rotate tables!! We had a ton of people over at my friend Lacy’s beautiful home and my friend Allison came and had so much fun getting to meet new people!

We had TONS of food, this is just one space… we had dips, wraps, desserts, pop, wine and we ate and chatted until we were full!!! And I made my mean “Semi Homemade” brownies, I blogged the recipe a week or two ago and people ate every last bite!!!

My great friends at JH are so special to me I am so blessed to have them, you would think that in an organization of all women people would be snobby or rude but I feel like everyone is so open, mature and the friendships I am forming with this group of girls will be irreplaceable!

You all should head on over and check out the JH blog!!! that’s right we are on top of things you can even find us on Facebook and Twitter!! This year I have prolly mentioned this before I am the Community Outreach Chair so I plan all our volunteer events each month, monthly service drives, and I work closely with our big partner The Care Center whom we give a grant to at our May Giveaway! You can check out some of the organizations we work with on our JH Blog!! OK, moving on……..

It is Wednesday so T-Minus 2 1/2 days until weekend freedom! WooHoo!! Tonight is my favorite night of TV (right behind Sunday) because it is So You Think You Can Dance and Ghost Hunters!!!! I am very excited! Last week Ghost Hunters International was soo great and the history behind this place was so insane I wanted to blog about it so bad…. but it was rather intense so I decided not to scare off any of my loyal readers! But what you can expect is my SYTYCD recap tomorrow! Have a great Hump Day Blogger friends!

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  1. Traci Anne
    July 29, 2009 / 9:50 pm

    I'm so sad I missed it! I'd love to hear more about Junior Hospitality!

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