Well it is here..finally.. FRIDAY! This was my first week back after being gone on vacation and if you ask me it’s the pits! I mean I don’t know anyone who loves getting back to the 8-5 after being on “Vacation Time”!! But I survived, and that is a fitting word because my week has been plagued with Migraines but whats new eh? Are you all wondering what is on my plate this weekend other than trying to not melt from the 103 degree heat?? Well tonight we are going to my In-Laws to give a vacation recap and to celebrate my sis-in-law’s Birthday!! We are having a cookout which is always exciting!! Then tomorrow morning I am going to a great friend of mine’s home for a Brunch party, she is also my “Scentsy Director” so it is some what of a Scentsy open house!! And Matt plays in his golf league on Sunday so it is me and the kiddos and I am foreshadowing a day on the couch and loads of snuggles! ha I also finished up a book this past Thursday and I am only going to give a brief “review” ………..
This book caught my eye because it is set in Salem and has to do with witches, magic and history!! The jest is Connie takes the summer to clean out her grandma’s old house in Salem and uncovers some pretty mysterious notes and keepsakes so she sets out to get to the bottom of things, their is a love interest and at times this book could be called a mild thriller. The story has flashbacks to the Witch trials of Salem and is weaved together with the present day. I learned alot while reading this book about Salem which trials but this book seemed to build up and build up and then……….nothing?!?? I was left a bit disappointed BUT BUT…. this would make a wonderful movie, it would be great with a little Hollywood “Magic”.
Last night I had a GREAT Scentsy party at a friends house and we had 12 girls show up!!! It was fun and productive for me … I just placed a great order! The warmer above is our July Special and is only $27!!!! Be sure to check out my website….
Have a great weekend friends!

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